10 Tips on Creating a Senior Living Website

Having a senior living website is simply not enough.

To ensure your online presence is engaging and ranked highly in search results, content and design has to be oriented around your “ideal” prospects’ needs and wants.

Tip 1: Be sure you truly understand your potential customers

Instead of “shooting from the hip”, Use demographic and psychographic research to clearly define your “buyer personas”.

Tip 2: Clearly articulate your senior living project’s unique benefits

If you’re in a highly competitive marketplace, you can use mystery shopping to help you identify and focus in on the features and benefits that set you apart.

Tip 3: Develop a plan for inbound marketing and SEO

Develop a list of the most popular keywords and phrases and integrate those terms thoughtfully into your site and blog content.

Tip 4: Try Pay-per-Click advertising

Unless you’re already at the top of search results, set aside a budget to test pay-per-click ad programs. Pay-per-click can go a long way to helping you be found more easily in highly competitive markets.

Tip 5: Ensure that your website content is what people are ultimately searching for through online search

You should strive to be ranked highly for search keywords and phrases your ideal clients/prospects are using. To ensure your plan is working, define specific goals and measure your progress on a regular basis.

Tip 6: Show off your best asset

Whatever your strength, it’s important to use your web content as a showcase. If you’re only using an architectural photo of your facility, a content review and evaluation is in order.

Tip 7: Hire a reputable firm who understands your market

It’s fairly easy to find design firms or freelancers who can create stunning pages with code and the latest Photoshop tricks. The look and feel (interface) of your website is actually only a piece of the website design process.

A firm who specializes in senior housing marketing can make the most of your search optimization efforts, and plan a website that performs as it should.

Tip 8: Continually update and add content and leverage social media

The more quality content you produce, the more likely you’ll turn up in search results. Strategically adding branded content will increase your chances of being found by your ideal clients through online search.

If you have to call an outside source to make minor changes, consider adding content management features so you can do it yourself.

Sharing your valuable content through the proper social media channels can help you reach your prospects more quickly.

Tip 9: Evaluate your efforts on an on-going basis

Once your site is launched, it is important monitor the effects of your work with an analytics tool. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools provide insights about site traffic, page visits, bounce rates, search queries and more. It doesn’t take more than a few weeks to start to see trends and opportunities.

Tip 10: Make sure your site is “responsive” (smartphone and tablet-friendly)

The fact is, the use of mobile devices continues to grow. If you’re site is not mobile-friendly, you could be penalized in search results, or drive prospects away quickly. Creating a responsive site is now easier than ever.

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