How to use a Social Media Content Calendar

We want to demystify using social media for a senior living community.

Well done social media is the most modern and effective way to give your community its personality. It can effectively keep in touch with potential residents, families and referral resources. Social media can keep them in the loop and informed in ways phone calls and emails simply can’t do as effectively.  

To make the task less daunting, we recommend using Facebook and then expanding to include Instagram. LinkedIn has a different purpose, and Twitter and TikTok aren’t popular platforms among potential older adults. It’s better to aim to be frequent and consistent with Facebook and Instagram.

People enjoy reading social media blurbs that are entertaining, authentic, interesting and useful. But to be most effective, content needs to be done frequently. It’s not like a water faucet that can be turned on and off. 

Yes, it’s a commitment, but one that will reap rewards!

Real-life pictures and videos give your Facebook content personality. All pictures, videos and graphics need to be high quality. Also, any content that is copyrighted, trademarked, or of people who have not authorized the use of their image should not be used.

This content calendar shows you how easy it is to plan a month’s worth of content. Be creative.  Before you post, simply ask the question, “Is this something you would read?”

Types of Social Media Posts

The Dimensions of Wellness offer a good resource for content as these are probably already incorporated in the community’s activity calendar. Social, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental and occupational are dimensions that can be used for writing blurbs.

There are different interpretations of Dimensions of Wellness, but here are a few that help in planning content:

  • Social—Include a picture(s) of a social activity at the community. Write a pre- or post-event about a social event being held.
  • Physical—Offer a fitness tip or write about the different health and wellness classes held at the community. Inspire someone to exercise at home or join a class.
  • Intellectual—Write about an interesting lecture being held and provide information about the speaker. Maybe there is an outing to someplace of local interest such as a museum.
  • Emotional – Socialization is such a benefit from living at a senior living community, and posts that promote friendship, doing activities with neighbors, etc., fit into this category.
  • Spiritual—Communities offer opportunities for spiritual fulfillment—from religious services, transportation to local churches and synagogues to Bible study and more. There should be posts about these opportunities, and be sure to mention the community welcomes all faiths.
  • Financial—Perhaps there is a speaker talking about estate and financial planning, veteran benefits or projects for local charities and fundraising efforts.
  • Environmental—Highlight activities that incorporate the outdoors such as a walking club, gardening projects or an outing to a botanical garden. Maybe the community is doing a recycling event to benefit the environment.
  • Occupational—Share volunteer activities at the community such as the Resident Council meeting and opportunities for residents to volunteer.

Aim for a minimum of 12 posts per month.

Plan a month of posts so you know what you will need and when. 

In addition to posts using the Dimensions of Wellness, here are some additional ideas you can include:

  • Birthdays and work anniversaries of team members, a monthly birthday acknowledgment of residents celebrating their birthday
  • National holidays and specially themed days such as National Dessert Day (10/14), Make a Difference Day (10/23) and Black Cat Day (10/27)
  • Behind-the-scenes tours such as in the kitchen
  • Invitation to tour the community
  • Show off a model residence
  • Show off a residence’s feature
  • Vendor or partner spotlight, sharing how they benefit residents
  • Tips and insights about living in a senior living community
  • Events around your town

Be sure to download a sample Content Calendar for October here.

If you’d like to speak with The Ehlers Group about social media content for your senior living community, please call us at 954-726-9228 or email


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