The Ehlers Group Launches New Podcast Series

Planning for the future is vital as senior living communities focus on future occupancy levels and new residents.

A method worth exploring is the use of podcasts. To give you an idea of how these can be used, The Ehlers Group has launched “Pod-Pourri,” offering a wealth of information – from senior living industry experts to fascinating older adults living at senior living communities. The series can illustrate how your community can successfully use podcasts.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, consumers have become even more tech-savvy and are embracing new technology. The number of podcast listeners has increased sharply. Initially, listeners over the age of 55 were slower to adopt podcasts, but in the 2019 edition of The Infinite Dial, an annual survey put together by Edison Research and Triton Digital, they are taking up the habit and adding podcasts to their media diets. These are the adult children senior living communities want to target since they are influencers of parents’ decisions.

Podcasts are a perfect medium to add to a senior living community’s marketing toolkit, giving your community its brand personality and separating it from competitors.

How do podcasts work? Much like listening to the radio, typically a podcast ranges in length and is prerecorded. We think a 15-minute segment is enough time to engage your audience without losing their interest. 

  • Podcast interviewers never need to step foot in a senior living community and can do their interviews using a telephone, Zoom or Skype.
  • Podcasts can be embedded into a community’s website, promoted on social media, electronic newsletters and prospect emails.
  • Audio clips (30,45 or 60-second snip-clips) of a podcast can be used for target marketing across a variety of social media platforms.
  • A community’s podcast is available to listen and download on all of the popular podcast platforms, including iTunes, iHeart Radio, etc.
  • Because podcasts are not videotaped, their visual impact is not compromised by the lack of backgrounds, studio lighting and people uncomfortable in front of a camera.
  • It’s an inexpensive medium and can be used effectively for a variety of content.

The Ehlers Group’s podcast specialist, Christopher MacLellan, works with communities and their webmasters to ensure space is created on a community’s website to display their content just as communities do with blogs.

Stories drive content to ensure listeners turn in and not tune out. The Ehlers Group brainstorms stories with communities to develop a series of six episodes.

If you have an interesting team member or resident you would like us to feature on the upcoming The Ehlers Group “Pod-Pourri” channel, please let us know.

We’re offering senior living communities an opportunity to sample podcasting at no charge. Call us today at 954-726-9228 to learn more.

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