The Power of Publicity

Like the commercial that asks the question “what is it worth?” and the response is “priceless”; so is the value of positive publicity.

For senior living communities (independent, assisted living, memory care and continuing care communities) the value of the printed word in an article has a 70% greater retention rate than advertising which is far more costly.

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

  • People confuse articles with ads. An ad is purchased and its placement is guaranteed. Articles aren’t guaranteed unless they are paid advertorials and written to appear as articles.
  • Generally, articles are written by reporters who may use your press release for background. A well written press release is used to spark attention and generate interest.
  • When an article appears, its length isn’t what matters. A personnel announcement may be reduce to several lines but the value is so beneficial. Business people read these announcements. They show that your company is expanding and hiring. Your employee, their friends and family read and share the employee’s exciting news. Potentially, a customer reads these personnel announcement columns too and is reminded about your company.
  • People do business with people they know, hear about, read about and to whom they are referred. Articles offer this ability. An article brings your company’s name to someone’s attention which in turn may provide referral business.
  • Ad agencies may offer PR services but their efforts should not be confused with those that a trained, specialized public relations professional may offer.
  • What is newsworthy? That is also where a professional can be helpful. They have the ability to see your company from the media’s vantage point to determine what would be of interest. The expression “spin” comes to mind. A resident continuing to contribute to society; an award you receive; seniors having new experiences—these are only a sample of creative spin that could warrant publicity attention.

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