Using the Art of Storytelling to Close Senior Housing Deals

The coronavirus has offered senior living communities marketing challenges that may be the silver lining of the pandemic.

According to Jane O’Connor, business coach and trainer specializing in the 55+ housing industry, communities have had to rethink, retool and refine, especially in their marketing efforts. People are hesitant to make moving decisions and are concerned about in-person visits, senior living communities are looking at what they are doing well and areas of improvement in communicating with potential customers.

She coaches marketing teams in the effectiveness using the technique of storytelling in sales. Great salespeople may know instantly that stories, not facts, make the most powerful impact on how people feel. Stories can pave the way to closed deals. The hard part is knowing which stories to tell.

On our Pod-Pourri podcast with host Chris MacLellan, Jane shares a story about her grandmother that illustrates the art of storytelling.

Now training teams through virtual seminars and coaching, Jane shares how her work in brain science has helped her improve marketing teams’ performance through storytelling. Since humans remember stories far better than facts, Jane provides tips and tricks on how to share stories that resonate with people.

To hear Jane’s thoughts on the human aspects of sales, be sure to listen to the podcast by clicking here.

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